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The Range

Welcome to Wedge Range, an unparalleled indoor venue, where golf and entertainment converge on an epic scale. With our academy and cutting-edge swing bays, you can experience golf your way, whether it’s serious practice or just a relaxed hit with friends. And when you are done, you can head to the bar and restaurant for more entertainment.

The Swing Bays

Experience golf in a whole new way in our tech-infused, temperature-controlled Swing Bays. Equipped with advanced Inrange and Uneekor technology for precise tracking and real-to-life graphics, the Swing Bays offer an unrivalled experience for the next generation of golfer.

Multiplayer or Solo

Choose your game, your way:

At Wedge, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our Inrange-equipped Swing Bays offer a personalized experience. Choose from data-driven, results-focused practice sessions for solo players, or immerse yourself in multiplayer golf games that redefine social golfing. Our technology ensures every swing counts, catering to all skill levels and providing instant feedback for continuous improvement.

Top technology

Dive into data like never before:

Experience the cutting-edge of golf technology with Inrange’s advanced radar system at Wedge. Our Swing Bays are outfitted with sensors providing unparalleled accuracy and detailed data on every shot. Track your progress with real-time stats, including ball flight and club distance data. Whether you’re fine-tuning your technique or just enjoying the game, our tech-infused setup offers insights like never before.

A place to hang out

Swing in style, comfort, and camaraderie:

Wedge is more than just a golfing venue; it’s a social hub where comfort, style, and friendship converge. Our Inrange-equipped bays are designed for groups of friends, families, and social gatherings, offering an engaging and entertaining golfing experience. Enjoy a round of virtual golf on championship courses or participate in skill-based games, all within a welcoming and stylish environment.

The Academy

Achieve your golfing goals at Wedge Academy, our state-of-the-art teaching facility.. With the best PGA Professionals and cutting edge technology, we provide a supportive learning environment for all skill levels.

Free Swing Evaluation:

Enquire today to book in your free swing evaluation with one of our PGA Professionals.

The Clubhouse

We offer far more than just golf. The Clubhouse is the beating heart and community hub of our venue. Featuring a fully stocked Bar and Restaurant, a live music stage and an immersive games area, this is the spot for relaxation and socialising when you don’t have a club in hand.

Food & Drink

Great food and drink are central to the Wedge experience and with hand-crafted menus from our in-house chefs and all your bar favourites on offer, your time at The Range will be both a culinary and golfing adventure.


Wedge is the perfect venue for any event: Company Outings, Team Building, Indoor Tournaments, Birthday Parties, Family Celebrations and more!

With full-venue and private-area hire, bespoke catering, immersive games and tournaments, and modern presentation facilities, enquire today and start planning your next event at Wedge.

With full-venue and private-area hire, bespoke catering, immersive games and tournaments, and modern presentation facilities, enquire today and start planning your next event at Wedge.

Brand and Product Launch Parties

“Launch your brand or product with a flair at Wedge! Our chic and versatile venue is the ideal stage for unveiling your latest innovation.

With our combination of stylish golfing facilities and an energetic ambiance, we offer a unique experience that will captivate your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Showcase your new product or brand in an environment that’s not just about celebration, but also about creating buzz and excitement.

Let Wedge be the backdrop where your brand shines and your product becomes the talk of the town.”

Birthday Parties

“Celebrate your special day with a twist at Wedge!

Our unique combination of golf, great food, and a lively atmosphere makes for a birthday bash like no other.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or just looking for a fun and different way to party, our venue caters to all ages and skill levels.

Let us help you make your birthday unforgettable with a celebration that’s tailor-made for fun, excitement, and memorable moments.”

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

“Kick off your pre-wedding celebrations with a swing at Wedge!

Our venue offers a fun, relaxed, yet sophisticated environment for your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Enjoy a round of golf, savor our exquisite food and drinks, and make memories with your closest friends in a setting that’s as exciting as it is elegant.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with a touch of class and a lot of fun.”

Corporate Events

“Elevate your next corporate event with a unique blend of leisure and luxury at Wedge.

Our state-of-the-art golfing facilities and sophisticated lounge areas provide the perfect backdrop for team-building, client meetings, or company celebrations.

Impress your colleagues and clients with an unforgettable experience that combines business with pleasure, all in a setting that sparks creativity and camaraderie.”

Private Rooms

For those golfers looking for extra exclusivity, our Private Rooms deliver just that, with elite technology, private bathrooms and unrivalled comfort for a luxuriously good time.

Nicklaus Suite

Our biggest private suite ideal for large groups of 20.

  • Giant widescreen golf simulator

  • Latest Callaway equipment

  • Two 50inch TV screens

  • K-array sound system

  • Karaoke system

  • Nightclub lighting system

  • Conference facilities

  • Private bathroom

  • Seating for 20

Palmers Suite

Our smaller private suite ideal for groups of 10.

  • Widescreen golf simulator

  • Latest Callaway equipment

  • 50inch TV screen

  • K-array sound system

  • Karaoke system

  • Nightclub lighting system

  • Conference facilities

  • Private bathroom

  • Seating for 10

Hogan Suite(s)

Our two simulator private suite for smaller or bigger groups.

  • Two widescreen golf simulators

  • Latest Callaway equipment

  • Two 50inch TV screens

  • K-array sound system

  • Karaoke system

  • Nightclub lighting system

  • Conference facilities

  • Seating for 15

  • Flexible configuration (one big room or two smaller rooms)

Francois Van Zyl

PGA Coach, Gemini Golf Academy by Wedge

Francois Van Zyl is a distinguished PGA coach and owner of Gemini Golf Academy by Wedge, known for his comprehensive approach to golf instruction.

With 16 years of experience and a philosophy influenced by golf legends like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones, Francois emphasizes clear, strategic teaching to refine his students’ skills and understanding of the game.

Based at Wedge Range in Petaling Jaya, Francois utilizes advanced tools like video analysis and TrackMan, blending technology with his deep understanding of golf dynamics to deliver effective and insightful lessons.

His accreditations include the Professional Golf Association South Africa (PGASA) and the Professional Golf Association Malaysia (PGAM), along with specialized certifications in Stack & Tilt, Putting Solutions, and Titleist fitting.

Francois’s coaching philosophy extends beyond technical skills, focusing also on mental strategy, course management, and developing a champion’s mindset. He is dedicated to guiding his students through every aspect of the game, from swing mechanics to the mental and strategic components, ensuring a well-rounded golf education.

Key Qualifications and Tools:

  • PGASA and PGAM Member
  • Stack & Tilt, Putting Solutions, Titleist Fitter Certifications
  • 16 Years of Teaching Experience
  • PGA Status on the Sunshine Tour
  • TrackMan, Hackmotion, Capto, Video Analysis, Sportsbox AI

As a mentor, Francois is committed to the growth and enjoyment of his students, ensuring they not only improve their game but also foster a lasting love for golf.

Chris Holden

Like many young boys growing up in South Africa, I was obsessed with sports. I remember my grandad saying “if you’re going to choose a career in sport, make sure it’s either golf or tennis!”. I chose golf, and it has been a fantastic journey ever since.

After studying Sports Science and Golf at the University of Pretoria, I joined the South African PGA and it wasn’t long before I upped sticks and moved to Kuala Lumpur as a 25 year old. I’ve coached hundreds of wonderful students in Malaysia over the last 10 years, many of whom have taught me something in return. I’m passionate about helping people learn and improve at this crazy game we all love, and seeing people develop over time is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I’ve always had a passion for the business of golf, and I’m now super-excited to be bringing my experience to Wedge as General Manager and Head Teaching Pro, where our novel way of playing is set to appeal to the next generation of golfers and non-golfers alike!

When I’m not golfing, I love reading, being outdoors, exploring new places, and practising a healthy lifestyle. And if I happen to be on a snow-capped mountain with my beloved snowboard, then everything else fades into the background!

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