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"The secret to great golf is not in the mechanics alone, but in mastering the mental game. A focused mind and strategic approach are just as crucial as a sound swing."

Our Coaches

Francois Van Zyl

A distinguished PGA coach and owner of Gemini Golf Academy at Wedge, he is known for his comprehensive approach to golf instruction. With 16 years of experience and a philosophy influenced by golf legends like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones, Francois emphasizes clear, strategic teaching to refine his students’ skills and understanding of the game.

Based at Wedge Range in Petaling Jaya, Francois utilizes advanced tools like video analysis and TrackMan, blending technology with his deep understanding of golf dynamics to deliver effective and insightful lessons. His accreditations include the South African Professional Golf Association (SAPGA) and the Professional Golf Association Malaysia (PGAM), along with specialized certifications in Stack & Tilt, Putting Solutions, and Titleist fitting.

Francois’s coaching philosophy extends beyond technical skills, focusing also on mental strategy, course management, and developing a champion’s mindset. He is dedicated to guiding his students through every aspect of the game, from swing mechanics to the mental and strategic components, ensuring a well-rounded golf education.

Key Qualifications and Tools:
•⁠ ⁠SAPGA and PGAM Member
•⁠ ⁠Stack & Tilt, Putting Solutions, Titleist Fitter Certifications
•⁠ ⁠16 Years of Teaching Experience
•⁠ ⁠PGA Status on the Sunshine Tour
•⁠ ⁠TrackMan, Hackmotion, Capto, Video Analysis, Sportsbox AI

As a mentor, Francois is committed to the growth and enjoyment of his students, ensuring they not only improve their game but also foster a lasting love for golf.

Siti Shaari

Siti Shaari is a distinguished golf coach at Gemini Golf Academy by Wedge, known for her comprehensive approach to golf instruction. With over 17 years of experience representing her state, college, and country in various international and local golf competitions, Siti brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching.

Based at Wedge Range in Petaling Jaya, Siti utilizes advanced tools like video analysis and her deep understanding of golf dynamics to deliver effective and insightful lessons. Her accreditations include being a member of the Professional Golf Association of Malaysia (PGAM) and representing Malaysia’s national team for nearly a decade.

Siti is all about more than just teaching swings. She focuses on the mental game, smart playing, and having a champion mindset. She guides her students through every part of the game, from how to swing to how to think, making sure they get a complete golf education.

Key Qualifications and Experience:

  • PGAM Member
  • Nearly a decade on Malaysia’s national team
  • 17+ years of competitive experience
  • Competed at collegiate level for South Alabama Women’s Golf team
  • Double degree in International Business and Management with honors

As a mentor, Siti cares about her students’ growth and fun, making sure they become better golfers while loving the game. Her journey from golf prodigy to pro coach shows her deep dedication and love for the sport.

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Siti Shaari


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