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Petaling Jaya  & Desa Sri Hartamas, Malaysia | Open for bookings +60172076153

Only RM 150 per person!

You know what’s more clutch than sinking a walk-off putt? Balling out in full VIP mode at Wedge. We’re unlocking our illest promo package to let you and your squad go full-send in our swanky sim bays and party it up like golf royalty.

The deets, fam:

Roll 4-deep and you’re scoring 2 hours of premium sim time in the Hogan bay to punish those digital fairways. Plus, a stacked spread with your choice of 4 pizzas or mains, 2 dank snack platters, and 4 buckets of cold Tiger brew (or 2 bottles of house wine if you’re feeling classy).

Upgrade to 6 players and we’re unlocking the Nicklaus suite with 3 hours of extended rage time, 6 pizzas/mains, 3 snack platters, and 6 Tiger buckets (or 3 wine bottles).

Or go full hog with 8 sixty-niners packed into the Palmer/Hogan double-bay setup for a 4-hour marathon of chaos. Swinging with 8 pizzas/mains, 4 snack platters, and 8 beer buckets (or 4 wine bottles) to keep the vibes terminally lit.

No matter your crew size, you’ll be living that ultra-VIP life with full run of our top-shelf suites and catered eats and drinks on tap. Pricing starts at just MYR 150+ per person with a 4-person minimum.

Curated VIP packages like this don’t come around often. Secure your slice of that baller pie by booking ASAP—these sim suites are a hot commodity. After all, you only ball once, fam.

Welcome to the club!

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